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Spartans Sportswear

LIMITED TIME Unleashed Floral

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Size: Small
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100% cotton.

No annoying tags.

Designed for comfort and versatility.


Regular fit.

Care Instructions:

Machine wash. Hang dry recommended, tumble dry low will do. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.


Once these are sold out these versions will never be sold again.

Size: Small

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Comfortable, Grand, Engaging

After buying this product that took under a week to be deliverd all being from the USA, i am very happy to own and use this piece of clothing in my day to day life. Since i have owned it i have had numerous compliments and questions regarding Unleased Floral and have been happy to re-direct them to Spartan Sportswear knowing know that they are a trusted and high quality company that i personally recommend.

The price i payed was a total of £24.00 which is somewhere around the $30.00 area, being reasonable and not over-priced. i understand that there are people in some situations that gym clothing is not most of affordable and its nice too see that Spartan Sportwear keep that in consideration when marketing their products at a neutral price while also having continuous offers on plus shipping discounts depending on your final purchase value.

As of the print, i am very fortunate that it is high quality and durable as logos on other brands tend to fall off during a few washed, its hard to find good quality clothing that keep their design fresh and readable after even a month due to poor manufacture, this is why Gym King and Gym Shark are so valued as their logos and designs do not fade after a certain amount of time.

Overall, Spartan Sportwear are a very strong and efficient brand that i can see doing well in its future as long as it keeps up with the same level of quality and heart that is put in now, and that i recommend for any gym rats out there like myself!

Ryan Cowen
Limited Time Unleashed Floral Spartan Graphic

An overall eye popping design. It will certainly be turning heads both in the gym and outside during daily life. It's smooth, soft, flexible, and breathable making it an easy wear.